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Item List

Here is where you can look at which items you can gain or start off with.

Item List
Items For Starting off:

Sword(Can only cut a non-Super Saiyan)
Weighted Clothes(For Training)
Helmet(Destroyed in two Direct Hits)
Sensu Beans(3)
Super Vest(Destoyed on Direct Hit)
Scouter(To read power Levels)
Power Pole(To attack far opponents)
Laser(Useless against powerful people)
Items for sale:

3 wins:
DragonRadar(See Information)
Super Weighted Clothes

7 wins:
Gravitron(Goes to 100 times Gravity)
Power Vest(Destroyed in 5 Direct hits)
Super Laser(Not that good in battle)

12 wins:
Capsule Corp(Goes to 500 times gravity)
Sensu Bean Bag(10)

15 wins
Space pod(Can travel to any planet in 10 days)
Saibamen(3 saibamen)(destroyed in 5 direct hits)
Namekian Dragon Radar(see Information)

25 wins
Saibamen bag(7 saibamen)(destroyed in 7 direct hits)
Black Star Dragon Radar(See Information)
Saiyan Space Pod(Can Travel to any planet in 8 days)

30 wins
Capsule Corp. Space Pod(goes to any planet in 6 days and goes to 1000 times gravity)
Overall Dragon Radar(See information)

Look I dont want anybody saying, "I won the fight so I should have this" and "this" ends up to be something you don't have enough wins for.

The one thing I can't stand.

If you are not a super saiyan then you can't transform. If I found out that you did than I will take 2,000 out of your pl.