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1. The dragon radar can find dragon balls on earth only. Every 5 days you will find a dragonball. The earth dragon balls can only be used once. Any type of wish can be made.
2. The namekian dragon radar can find dragonballs on Namek only. You will find one every 7 days. First you will need a space pod. The Namekian dragonballs grant 3 wished. Any type of wish can be made.
3.The black star dragon radar can only find black star dragonballs. You must have a space pod first. You will find one every other week. You can make 2 wishes only. The black star dragonballs grant only evil wishes.
4. The overall dragon radar can find any type of dragonball. You will find one every 3 days. Of course you will need a space pod.
5. To find a dragonball you must e on the planet of where the dragonballs are located. Once you are there you can start getting the dragonballs. The black star dragonballs are one on every planet.
6. Every character's power level starts off at 10,000. If you win you gain 10,000. If you lose you gain 5,000.
7. To become a Super Saiyan, Super Namek, Or to become just Super you must have a power level of 100,000.
Every time you gain 100,000 you assend one level.
8. To gain an attack you must win 2 fights.
9. To gain an item you must have a certain number amount of wins. Once you buy something with your wins you can not change it.Your power level will always remain the same regardless of the items.
10. If you win a fight then you must e-mail me andI will add it on to the RPG. But if you want to buy something you must also e-mail me.
11. To turn Majin you must have a power level of 150,000 and you must be evil.
12. No one can wish for invincibility.
13.After 8 charges you will automatically blow up if you are not super.
14. If you are super you will blow up after 10 charges.
15.Once you are Super then you will be able to choose two attacks and two items according to your wins.
16.On your first win as Super it will count as two wins which means your wins will increase by 2 and your power level will raise by 20,000.
17. You may only train once a month. If you have no weighted clothes, then you will raise your pl by 1,000, if you have weighted clothes you will raise your pl by 2,000, if you have super weighted clothes your power level will raise 3,000.