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Every ki blast charge will take away 1,000. So if I Charge twice then it will take away 2,000.
Here are all the attacks in this RPG:

Big Bang Attack
Destructo Disc
Solar Flare
Special Beam Cannon
Galic Gun
Instant Transmission
Eye Beam
Fire Ball
Multiple Balls
Kai O Ken
Spirit Bomb
Reproduction(The ability to remake a missing body part)
Normal Beam
Final Flash
Guru Guru Gum Attack
Hokaku Kon Dan (That ball that Freiza puts Goku in)
Bunkai Teleport (Another version of instant transmission)
Kuukanteni Punch and Kick
Ikoukan o Hatsusei
Ashi Kara Kamehameha
Shunkan Idou Kamehameha
Chou Kamehameha
Waiting Kamehameha
Mangaru Kamehameha
Renzokou Kamehameha
Ki Akeshi
Ki Ai Hou
Anoyo Kara no Shunkan Idou
Final Shine
Saishyuu Saigo no Waza (Ultimate Final Skill)
Big Bang Kamehameha
Ki No Tsurugi
Mystic Power Up (A stronger Version of Kai O Ken)
Renzoku Energy Dan
Cell Jr. Umidatsu

If anyone has any questions about any of the attacks than just e-mail me at XxExeLxX@aol.com. oh and the japanese attacks are available thanx to Person041 and Maquz.

If any of the members has an attack that I should post up, I might include add it here.