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Planet Super Saiyan

Please Follow the flollowing rules and regulations if you join the rpg and you don't want to gete kicked out.

1.To get credit of a win, you must, I repeat, you must copy and paste it to an e-mail to me.
2.There is to be no letting someone else winning no matter the pl.
3.If I catch you I will kick you out of the RPG.
4.There is to be no cheating such as someone jumping in the fight to help another person.
5.To become a Super Saiyan you must either win fights or train.
6.If anyone cheats just notify me and I will remove them from the RPG.
7.You must take a hit before attacking. You do not have to say hit ot block. It is the other persons responsibility to take the hit.
8.Once a fight starts you can not just sign off. If you do you will lose 1000 from your PL.
9.You can't use items you don't have even if the other person doesn't know what items you have.
10.There must be someone watching a match making sure everything goes right and fair.
11.If there is no one watching the match then the match will not count.

If you have any questions on any of the rules or regulations please E-Mail me at- XxExeLxX@aol.com