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This Site Is Currently Under Construction!!
On this site I'll include everything about DragonBall Z, including episode reviews, cast biographies, a photo gallery of my favorite pictures from the most action packed cartoon, DragonBall Z.
Right Now I have an RPG so just chill as the rpg will be put on hold as I am adding new stuff. Hey and dont think that I ain't updating the site because I am working on this Around The Clock.

On this Web Site, I might include some history and background on the show, such as what network it appears on and when it first came on the air. I might also include some information about how I became a fan and what I think makes this show so special.

Please sign my guestbook below and give me advice on how this site can be improved...Thank You.

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I will be adding a new picture gallery soon so just wait. There will be lots of pictures of this category.

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